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Services Offered

CThe services offered from Pixel provides a wide range of services that are geared twards helping customers achieve their business goals. The following are the major categories of these service:

• Providing integrated software solutions specially business applications.

• Oracle database administration.

• IT consultations

• Business analysis

Development Characteristics

The system development approach that makes its products and projects flexible enough to fit in various technical environments and operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, and MS Windows. Having a world-class RDBMS such as Oracle, which can run in many operating systems, gives these products the flixebility to be deployed in different environments.

In addition, Pixel has harnessed extensive experience in connecting several remote points on a single database using the replication technique as well as summary reports.


ORACLE The partnership with ORACLE provides Pixel with the proper tools for providing world-class technical solutions, qualifying Pixel for international competition.

Pixel bases its Web/Enabled Applications on the ORACLE 11g RDBMS and its development tools.

On the other hand, all web-based applications are developed using the PL/SQL using oracle web logic Application Server as well as HTML.

MICROSOFT In addition, Pixel now uses Microsoft .Net technology as a development environment.


“An integrated solution is now crucial for our business. We have found in Pixel a reliable partner that exceeds our expectations, especially with respect to advanced solutions.”
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Hazem Moussa CEO