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This is an ERP system developed especially companies in the freight forwarding business. The system enables the user to enter all types of operations data (Air Import, Air Export, Ocean Import, Ocean Export, Clearance, etc.) and link the clearance operation with the related freight operation. It allows the user to issue sales invoices , agent invoices, debit notes, credit notes, and official/nonofficial expenses and enables the user to allocate master expenses on related houses (LCL) automatically. It supports the use of multi currencies and several exchange rates and creates the necessary entries for currency discrepancy.

Pre-paid expenses and anticipated income entries are generated automatically. The system also allows the user to assign client payments to collect specific invoices and allocate expenses to various operations. It also enables the user to monitor AWB stock and enter all financial transactions then generate all related entries automatically.

The system contains a sophisticated module for controlling security and access rights. The user can generate a wide range of reports such as list of transactions, internal financial & operation documents (Operation cover, Delivery order, Arrival notification, AWB, B/L, etc.), CASS report, operations profit/loss report, weight/traffic report, account statement, receivables analysis, payables analysis, sales report, aging report, tax forms, bank reconciliation report, and trial balances in various currencies.

n addition to these reports, the system can generate user defined reports for balance sheet and income statement.