Contractors and Real Estate Investment Management System

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This system provides contractors and real estate companies with a comprehensive set of tools that supports their complex activities. The system enables the user to enter all operations expenses through very sophisticated accounting system which allows the user to allocate any expense item on multiple levels of the accounting charts.

For example, the cost of a raw material can be allocated to specific account (e.g. R.F. concrete) for a main cost center (e.g. Villa 57) then select a secondary cost center (e.g. ceiling). This allows the calculation of the cost of the project as well as the cost of any item for a specific cost center. It can also calculate the cost of materials, labor, or machinery for any account.

The system enables the user to generate codes for the units to be sold (Apartment, Land, Shop, Bldg, etc.) and record all reservations and generate the due installments automatically. It can also generate due rents and send emails or SMS before the due dates to tenants automatically.

The system includes a sophisticated module for controlling security and user access rights. It is also packaged with a powerful financial module that allows recording daily financial transactions and accounting entries automatically and can be used to generate all financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and cost center reports.