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TLS is Web-Based Library Management System can be used for all types of libraries such as national, academic, public, school, or specialized libraries.

The main advantage of TLS is the ease-of-use which saves you and your library time and money while providing better service to your end-users.

Because TLS was developed with the librarian's needs in mind, it will perfectly meet all your needs.

The system comes ready to print labels, student cards, and various reports.

TLS Allows you to access library resources using any workstation with a Web browser at the library or at home. This can significantly reduce operational cost and make work flow more simple.

System General Features:

• Based on the most powerful RDBMS (ORACLE).

• Web based solution.

• Ability to send e-mail and SMS to patrons.

• Full MARC 21 bibliographic support and Authority Control.

• Z39.50 cross-library searching.

• Ability to download the electronic copy of the material.

• Import/Export MARC 21 format.

• Support sophisticated logical search (and - or).

• Dynamic building of basic data while updating bibliographical database during cross searching.

• On the spot current library inventory.

• Detailed borrowers database including personal photos.

• Book cover image could be displayed.

• Users defaults and fines calculation.

• Multi languages interface and multi branches.

• Allowing applying the current awareness and selective dissemination by sending e-mails.

• Access rights control.

• Bilingual system.

• Easy definition of copies and volumes.

• Provides access to vendor information, budgets, purchase orders, and arrival forms.

System Modules: