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This system allows your company to sell its Hajj and Umra packages that include hotel reservations, transportations and other services to its clients anywhere in the world.

This application will run on the company server and accessed from the Internet by customers using their Web browser.

Using the price list setup

functionality, the company can define the price for each hotel based on citizenship and season then the system will allow subscribed clients to book the Hajj and Umra packages online.

Using this system, the company can bring their Hajj and Umra services to the next level by providing its clients with a fast and direct way to make the reservation and check its status online through Web-based system instead of using faxes or emails.

Not only the clients will benefit from this system, but the company itself will improve its operations and maximize its profits. For example, by using the system to check room availability based on the reservations done online, the company can respond accurately and quickly to other reservation requests that might come from clients who are not subscribed to this system.

The system generates all the necessary letters required for every stage of the reservation process (Confirmation, Voucher, Invoice, and Hotel Request….). It also allows the display of hotel capacities and number of rooms available for a specific level and during a selected period. The system can also be used to generate arrivals and departures reports.

The system is packaged with a powerful financial module that allows recording daily financial transactions and accounting entries automatically and can be used to generate all financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and cost center reports.